Monday, June 16, 2014

Card Making 101


I have heard from several people that are new to card making, with some questions that sometimes I forget that they are essential to making a card. Today's post is dedicated to my new card making friends. I will start with the paper.
  • The base of the card is the one that is folded and in which a message will be written. A 8-1/2" x 11" card stock sheet can yield 2 cards. Whether cut longwise of lengthwise you will have 2 cards. You can cut at 5-1/2" on the long side using the card either opening as a book or as a tent. The sheet can be cut at 4-1/4" and you will have a taller tent card. The card is scored at either 4 1/4" if cut on the length or at 5-1/2" if cut on the width.
  • A layer can be total or partial. If doing a total layer, I generally cut it 1/4" smaller than the base This layer will measure 5-1/4" x 4" and it really does not matter which direction the base is going to open, unless the layer has writing on it and you want to follow the direction of the text. 
  • For any layer that I add I make sure that I cut it to be distributed evenly on the base. If I remove 1/2" on one side, I will also remove 1/2" on the other side. It gives balance and it is more pleasing to the eyes. A layer added to another layer will generally be either 1/8" or 1/4" smaller than the previous, giving a framing appearance to the top layer.
This is all for today. I am working on tutorials for basic stamp care, ink pads, stamping, and more. Fell free to drop a line with you wish to learn about something specific. It will be my pleasure working on it for you.

Thank you for visiting today and please do come back again.

Happy Stamping!

Miriam Castanho Bollinger

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